Backpacking is one of those terms used when referring to budget traveling. Every person who plans for a vacation or trip wants to travel without going broke. Southeast Asia is known for being a backpacker paradise as most of its destinations are less costly. Another thing about the destinations is that safety is usually not an issue. Southeast Asia features a lush tropical climate as well as relatively cheap traveling for visitors. Whether you want to go diving into the emerald waters or climb limestone cliffs and explore submarine worlds, there are many destinations that will give you a memorable experience.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you want to stay away from the traveler crowds, you better start with this destination. Located in the rural north of Thailand, Chiang Mai usually has fewer traveler crowds which mean you’ll have a great time for yourself. You won’t have to deal with the crazy crowds that come to Phuket and Bangkok during the peak season. This destination features an exciting nightlife which you can’t miss to experience. You can learn and explore the ancient heritage at locations like Wat Chedi Luang.

Yangshuo in China

It’s time you experienced a totally different side of China. A visit to Yangshuo will give you a different picture about the Chinese, forget the stories you read about a rapidly industrializing China. The region is very quiet and features green hills on a rolling landscape. You’ll leave this place with an unforgettable experience after exploring unique sites such as the Yangshuo Moon Hill.

Gili Islands Indonesia

Located towards the north of Lombok in Indonesia, the Gili Islands have become a popular backpacking destination. It’s also known for hatching sea turtles. Probably your first site to visit should be the Shark Point where you can dive and have fun. The most interesting thing about the Gili islands is that the primary means of traveling is either by horse or cart. You won’t find any automated traffic here. What do you think? A good place to stay away from the neighborhood noise, right?

Cat Ba Island in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the countries or rather a destination for backpackers and some of the sites to see include the famous Ha Long Bay and the Cat Ba Island. The Cat Ba Island features mangrove forests, enchanting caverns, beaches and craggy peaks for travelers to explore. It’s also here that you can explore a unique world of different plant and animal species including the endangered species. This is a great destination for those who love water sports, hiking, kayaking and rock climbing.

Goa, India

India has always been the destination to go for anyone who wants a variety on their plate. Whether you want to explore waterfalls, ethnic cities, and deserts or mountainous landscapes, India will offer you everything that can be accommodated easily. Goa has been an exotic backdrop where people explore self and consciousness. It’s just far away from the chains of western civilization. There are iconic beaches to enjoy as well. Just don’t forget to spend some time at an upscale resort as you explore the diversity of the region.

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