Four Seasons Resorts

If you ever go to Bora Bora, never forget to spend a night or two at Four Seasons Resort. It is the top quality staying place with many facilities. It consists of small thatched huts over the blue water of the island. The view of beautiful and lush green lagoon in the background offers an awesome sight to the visitors. Moreover, the presence of kids land also makes it an ideal staying place for families. Curtis, Friend of mine was there just a week ago and took his entire crew at CCM Overhead Door there to get them a much-needed vacay.  Following are the facilities available at this resort:

1-Infinity Pool

The beauty of this resort is complemented by a pool with palm trees and tropical foliage. There is a beautifully made deck around the pool with different sitting and relaxing options. The water of the pool has little waves over its surface which also presents a beautiful sight. The attendants are also there to provide the visitors with various drinks and eatables.

2-Tennis Court

This resort also has a very beautiful and large tennis court. The presence of this court in the middle of lush green rocks and palm trees lets the visitors forget the sorrows of life and enjoy playing there. The facility of free racquets and tennis ball is a very good opportunity for the players to enjoy gaming.

3-Fitness Center

Four Seasons Resorts is also famous for its fitness center equipped with all world class facilities. There is a steam room, cardiovascular and weight training machines, and yoga platform. Fitness classes are also arranged to teach the visitors some basics of fitness.

4-Event Rooms

There are also a number of event rooms in this resort along with other regular living rooms. Different events take place where you can enjoy the famous fire dance of the locals. Moreover, the resort also offers you the rooms for celebration of any party.

5-Free Luggage Services

Four Seasons Resorts offers its visitors with a facility to move about freely without any bag and baggage. It takes the responsibility of carrying luggage to and from the resort without any extra cost. One of the main reasons of people’s attraction to this resort is this free luggage service.

6-Jet Service

Another very good facility of this resort is the jet service from Los Angeles. Aircraft Logix is the partner of this resort in carrying out this service. The flights are available throughout the year.

7-Four Seasons Spa

Four Seasons Resorts also offers some modern facilities like spa. Here, the spa has a lot of facilities including massage, body and facial treatments, hand and foot treatment, and yoga exercises. But keep in mind that these services are only available for teens.


In the end, it can rightly be said that Four Seasons Resorts has a full vacation package with all the world class facilities.

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